INNOTECH is a programme whose aim is to help research entities and businesses carry out innovative projects representing various scientific areas and industrial sectors (In-Tech programme path), with a special focus on advanced technologies (Hi-Tech programme path).

It is addressed to entities involved in research projects and preparatory studies preceding the implementation of research results, whose purpose is to develop and implement innovative technologies, products or services.

INNOTECH has two paths: In-Tech and Hi-Tech, addressed to two different categories of beneficiaries, whose projects are co-funded with different public funding instruments.

Main objectives of the INNOTECH Programme include:

  • increase in number of developed and implemented technological innovations,
  • increase businesses’ spending on scientific research and development valuable from the economic point of view
  • reinforce the cooperation between universities and public research units.

INNOTECH shall encourage businesses to invest in research and development and strengthen relations between science and business. Initial budget focus will be on research entities and on companies interested in and capable of applying the results of performed research in the economic environment.

INNOTECH’s mission is to contribute to the increased share of advanced technology products in the revenues of companies involved in the Programme, which, in the long term, translates itself into the foundations of dynamic increase of advanced technology products’ share in the Polish GDP.